Geneva Motor Show



Seeing the road ahead.

Focusing on the INFINITI Q50 as the Ultimate Performance Partner, the dynamic reveal film for the Geneva Motor Show was shot on location around Queenstown New Zealand. Our hero driver engaged in extreme cycling and rock climbing reflecting the power and performance of the vehicle. Our unique challenge was to focus on the design and performance of the Q50 but without having a car to shoot. All 13 car shots are full CG/VFX shots, with the photoreal CG car we created from CAD data, composited on fully digital environments built in CG/photogrammetry and matte painting – reflecting the lakes and mountains of NZ and Geneva. The result is an epic journey around the mountain roads culminating in the QX50 accelerating into the depths of a mountain tunnel where the film transitions to a live show and the Q50 arrives dramatically onstage.

Script Development

Live Action


6K Large Screen LED

Live Event



Big screen. Massive impact.

Our canvas was a massive 20 x 5.5 m high curved LED screen. In a world first for technology in a reveal mechanism, the LED screen seamlessly parted, with one panel of the screen rising to allow the Q50 car to emerge in a celebration of lighting and sound, while the screen content remained locked horizontally. The screen then locked together again as the film and the visual show concluded.