LINX CCG VR Safety Training



LINX VR Safety Training

Working with our client LINX Cargo Care and in collaboration with Samsung we developed a Virtual Reality Safety Training Platform. This platform allows LINX CC to immerse their teams in 360 environments to examine process, risk and run simulated scenarios to demonstrate how to avoid accidents.
To develop the training scenarios we used gamification and learn through play educational reasoning to maximise the impact of each piece of content.

Powered by Curiious IQ
VR/360 Direction
VR/360 Creative Direction
Unity Environment Development

Uninterrupted Immersive Training

Running on the Curiious IQ platform, LINX CC are able to train groups of people simultaneously in shared immersive environments. With instructors being able to effortlessly control the entire experience from the Instructor Tablet which allows transparency into what each person is doing.
Pause, annotate, skip and rewind the experience to keep everyone on the same page. Or to elaborate on complex scenarios, live in the environment.