Curiious IQ

VR Education Platform



Experience a world of educational adventures.

The Curiious IQ platform simplifies and empowers the use of virtual reality in the classroom, transforming learning experiences into educational adventures. Working collaboratively with our education advisor James MacDiarmid we have developed multiple STEM education modules aligned to specific learning outcomes within today’s curriculums. These experiences allow groups of students to learn, interact and collaborate with each other in the shared virtual space. Providing students the opportunity to experience the world in ways previously out of reach. The unique design of the Curiious IQ system empowers teachers to manage the classroom with ease via the Teacher’s Tablet, designed to provide complete experience transparency and control.  

Virtual Reality 360 Video

Another set of eyes in the classroom.

All of our education modules are enabled to monitor the movements of students in virtual space, providing feedback about student interaction and engagement with learning modules. This is a valuable tool to ensure that students who are excelling or struggling to understand concepts can quickly be identified and supported.