VR Medical Training



A learning module developed to remove barriers to intubation education.

Learning critical skills such as intubation is challenging given limited access to high fidelity simulation suites and the dangers of practicing on real patients due to the high risk nature of the procedure. To solve this problem we have developed a virtual experience to showcase and train individuals on the correct intubation technique and process.
The Curiious IQ platform allows the educator to analyse the process in six degrees of freedom and manipulate fully modifiable models in the immersive environment.

Virtual Reality
360 Video

A medical solution, at a price you won’t choke on.

Our training experience allows the process of intubation to be practiced by users without risks to patients or needing a costly high fidelity simulation suite & the staff to manage it. Our system has been designed to incorporate complications during the intubation to further challenge and test a users ability to respond appropriately to real world problems in the safety of the immersive environment.